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Car fuel in today’s time is an integral part of everyone’s life and needs a regular fill-up. An extra reward for that fill-up would make everyone happy. With BP Credit Card in your pocket, you can save on every gallon you put into your car. MyBPCreditCard is one of the best credit card payment solutions available in the US. Having BP Credit Card helps you save both time and money, both of which are precious nowadays. 

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Credit cards and their necessity are undisputed in this era. They help you seamlessly execute every task and save you a headache, allowing you to spend time on other important day-to-day tasks. Today, customers need to be smart in order to spend wisely and earn paybacks as well as bonuses on the same. BP Credit Card helps you with both of them.

What is MyBPCreditCard?

MyBPCreditCard is a card used to fill gasoline at BP Gas Stations. MyBPCreditCard is issued by the Synchrony Bank and is operated under the license received from Visa USA Inc. This credit card is a user-friendly instrument to make payments anywhere and anytime.As mentioned earlier, every smart customer has to be conscious of the budget significantly when spending on necessary and day-to-day items such as gasoline. 

Therefore, if you want to earn rewards such as paybacks and bonuses and are a regular customer, you should have this card as you earn rewards not only on the purchase of gas but also on the purchase of other necessities of day-to-day life.

The Rewards Make the Card Worth Having

MyBPCreditCard is extremely worthy of having if you are a regular traveler. This card offers a three-way method to earn rewards on every fill-up of gas. 

  1. BP Driver Rewards Program: It is not related to the credit card and is free to join.
  2. BP Credit Card: MyBPCreditCard provides you with an opportunity to earn $0.10 off per gallon on every BP Purchase of $100. Therefore, say you spend $1000 every month on gas at BP stations. Then, your reward would turn out to be $1 off per gallon. 
  3. You can also earn a reward at different levels:
  1. Earn $0.25 per gallon for every $100 you spend at BP.
  2. Earn $0.15 per gallon for every $100 you spend on eligible dining, grocery, and travel purchases.
  3. Earn $0.05 per gallon for every $100 you spend anywhere Visa is accepted, even if those are non-BP gas stations.

Now, let’s look at the overall advantage of using MyBPCreditCard with the help of an example of how it can add up quick!

Say you use BP Credit Card to purchase gas worth $500 at a BP gas station, $1,000 a month cumulatively on dining, travel, and groceries, and $1,200 on other miscellaneous purchases. In such a scenario, the overall monthly rewards you earn would amount to $3.35 off per gallon.

With a cherry on the top, BP Credit Card offers a one-time introductory offer, i.e., for the first 90 days, you can earn $0.25 off per gallon for every $100 you spend anywhere Visa is accepted.

So far, you must have also calculated and realized that if you are a regular BP Credit Card user when gas prices are low, this card could almost bring your gas costs to a negligible amount. And even when the prices are high, you’d still enjoy a decent discount if you use the MyBPCreditCard regularly.

MyBPCreditCard is a dream come true for a traveler because of its reward system. Earn while you run your engines. Sounds great, doesn’t it? 

The Effortless Process to Get One for Yourself

Getting MyBPCreditCard is a straightforward process. All one has to do is apply for it online by registering on the following link: https://apply.syf.com/eapply/eapply.action?clientCode=BP. Once the registration is completed, you become eligible to avail the one-time introductory offer of 90 days as already mentioned above, i.e., you earn $0.25 off per gallon on the purchase of anything with MyBPCreditCard for every $100 you spend in malls, dining, travel, groceries, etc.

Types of BP Credit Card

MyBPCreditCard is available in four categories. Each category has its own needs and requirements. These four categories are:

  1. BP Visa Credit Card
  2. BP Credit Card
  3. BP Gift Card
  4. Fleet Fuel Card

How to Login?

The first step is to register for MyBPCreditCard. One needs to follow the below steps to register for the BP Credit Card:

  1. Visit “www.mybpcreditcard.com.” 
  2. On this page, you’ll find the option to “Register” on the bottom left side.
  3. Click on “Register” and a new page will appear.
  4. Here, you need to enter your card details along with zip code and “continue.”
  5. Then, you need to enter your personal information like Social Security Number, Name, Address, and phone number.
  6. Lastly, set your password and username that you want to use to “log in” to your BP Account.
  7. Finally, use these details to access your BP Account.


You can apply for the BP Credit Card, both offline and online. You can apply offline by registering at the BP Gas Stations itself and online via their website.

  • While applying offline, you need to fill up a paper application provided at the BP Gas Stations. After the required details are filled, you need to hand it back to the agent who shall process it accordingly.
  • While applying online, you need to visit the MyBPCreditCard website and register yourself to get the BP Credit Card.
  • In case you have a coupon code from any of the BP Stores, you must add that coupon code in the form to avail the coupon benefits on your card. 
  • You need to select the type of card you want to apply for. Select the one which suits you best. 
  • That’s it! With this, you become one of the many smart consumersand can start saving on every purchase. 

Final Words

Therefore, it is evident that MyBPCreditCard is a very unique and helpful instrument to spend on your day-to-day necessities and earn rewards on the purchase of gas at BP Gas Stations and start saving. It is rightly said that “a penny saved is a penny earned.” So, with MyBPCreditCard, START EARNING!

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